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A brief look inside

Madir Thir aMP posted Mar 20, 18

Pre Launch!

Madir Thir aMP posted Jan 6, 18

Hello and welcome to Madirthir!

I believe that we all need to express ourselves creatively! I also believe that doing so on a recurring basis can increase your general creativity! What that means is that expressing your creativity you are more likely to come up with new ideas for how to solve important problems. Perhaps you are going to be the next Elon Musk?


I'm going to hold several exciting competitions thru the time! And I hope you are going to hang around to join! Some of the competitions will contain Writing and Building! 


For now, I'm working on the structure on the server, and until I’m done everyone joining is going to get the Member ++ ranks for free! All you got to do is stick around to show that you are interested in the server! You will gain the ranks automatically after some time! If you are impatient, you could always just buy the ranks in the store!


The Current spawn is a normal survival world. One of the first things for me to do is fixing a system where you get to claim some land for yourselves to protect your base!

When you get your promotion, you can join the plotworld and show off your building skills! If you show that you are a good creative builder and leader, you may get accepted as a Building, team leader! More about building teams[BT] and BT competitions later...

When most stuff is structured and put into function, we are getting some minigames accessible for everyone! Afterwards, the work on more premium minigames starts. Eventually, we are going to create an ever-expanding RPG map with an exclusive plugin for exclusive features!



But for now, you've got to stick around, get new friends, challenge each other and start creatively express yourselves!


Chaosoneby MPP Sounds awesome!
Zepthose MPP Can't wait for the full experience :d